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9:00 AM

Sunday Mornings

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What To Expect

Sunday Mornings at Mount Moriah
Sunday School (9 A.M.)
  • Time: The session starts at 9 A.M.
  • General Notes: Dynamic teaching and discussions focused on gaining a better understanding of the Word of God. Attendees can actively participate in discussions to explore the practical application of the teachings in their lives.
Sunday Worship (10 A.M.)
  • Time: The worship service begins at 10 A.M.
  • General Notes: Participants are encouraged to worship God freely, expressing their devotion in their own way.  Attendees can expect a message from the Word of God that directly applies to their lives in an engaging and spiritually uplifting environment.   The mix of gospel and traditional music indicates an inclusive approach that resonates with a broad audience. 

A typical service will last about 90 minutes. We sing a good mix of gospel and traditional music that is led by our praise & worship team.


We have multiple worship services to choose from.   Join us at 9:00 A.M. for dynamic Sunday School teaching and discussion as we seek to gain a better understanding of the Word of God and it’s practical application in our lives.
Sunday worship continues at 10:00 A.M. with a unique worship experience where you are free to praise God in your own way.  You will receive a relevant message from the Word of God through preaching, song, and music.

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